O L G A . K O M I N E K

Typography & Layout
  1. Tour de France 1907–2003
  2. Doping Booklet
  3. Interview
  4. TDF Broadsheet
  5. Turner.Works Print Materials
  6. The Deadline

Visual Identites for Cultural Events
  1. Odrzućmy Maski Zła
  2. International Piano Competition
  3. Życie Jest Snem

3.Creative Response
In relation to works on philosophy & language
  1. Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
  2. In Search for Übermensch

About —
  1. Graphic Designer currently based in London, Glasgow School of Art Graduate with BA in Communication Design. With interest focused on typography and layout design for editorial, book design and other printed formats, my practice aims to deliver structured layout ideas, and manage large quantities of text and visual content in a way that refelcts the values and objectives of the project.


The Interview
Art Direction, Typography
The Interview is a printed, typographically detailed transcript of Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which the cyclist admits to doping throughout his career.Despite many doping scandals in the Tour de France history, Lance Armstrong became the face of them all. His epic fall is not only a story about doping, but also about money and abuse of power. It brings to mind a narrative of a fallen hero.