Olga Kominek

Graphic designer, specialising in design for books, publications and editorial projects. Currently @ Penguin Press.

My approach to making work is very much hands on, understanding how experimentation can broaden development of ideas and concepts, and influence the dynamic of the in-between process that leads into creating a finished body of work.

︎Penguin Random House

︎Glasgow School of Art (2016-18’) BA Communication Design
︎Ediburg College (2014-16’) HND Graphic Design

︎Odrzucmy Maski Zla 

Visual Identity  for a dance theatre spectacle based on a libretto by Piotr Kotlarz, titled “Reject the Masks of Evil”.  The spectacle is an anti-war allegory, questioning the human need to conquer.  Although set in a timeless settlement, the spectacle is a methaphor for the modern times.